Buying a storm shelter is a big decision. You know it’s the right thing to do because it provides protection for your whole family in case of tornados and other severe storms. But a big purchase like this requires that you spend some time thinking about to make sure that you decide on the right type. We understand, and in this article we will look at 5 top questions people have and provide detailed answers to them. Hopefully you’ll feel better at the end of this article.

How many types of storm shelters are there?

Generally speaking there are 3 main types of storm shelters:

  • Underground garage shelters – this type of storm shelter is installed under your garage, thereby taking no extra space in your home,
  • Underground concrete shelters – this type of storm shelter is installed outside your home on your front or backyard and can be blended to fit your landscapping,
  • Steel safe rooms – this is an above-ground large steel safe storm shelter. It is built from industrial strength steel and can withstand f5 tornados

All these storm shelters are tested to withstand strong f5 tornados and in many cases can be customized to accommodate the size of your family. Each type of storm shelter offers unique benefits, and given your specific needs, you will find one that’s a good fit.

Which shelter is a good fit for my house?

When considering a good storm shelter for your house, think about what your needs are. For example, you may want one that can accommodate all members of your family. On the other hand, you may not have enough space inside your house to have a steel safe room, which would limit you to underground storm shelters.

How much does it cost?

Cost is always an issue because it’s really about the value you get for the price. Storm shelters usually cost a few thousand dollars and can go higher depending on the type and size. However, that should not stop you from getting the storm shelter of your dreams. Preferred Shelters OKC, one of the leading companies in storm shelters in Oklahoma provides a number of storm shelter financing options that you can take advantage of. This can really make a huge difference when you’re shopping for a storm shelter.

How long does the installation take?

Storm shelter installation takes just a few hours to install.The average installation time is 4 hours. Usually we’d plan a storm shelter installation so that it does not inconvenience you. We have a team of professional masonry and installation experts so we’re able to address your timing needs. Depending on the type of storm shelter you select, there may be some preparation needed. You may need to call and confirm the gas lines on your property, for example. At times you may need to move some things around your property where the storm shelter would go.

What maintenance would I expect to do?

There’s little maintenance to do once the storm shelter has been installed. An important step to take is to check every month or so to make sure there’s no water leakage or moisture in your storm shelter. Before the storm season, it’s recommended that you try out an emergency situation and familiarize yourself with getting to the storm shelter and by doing that you can find any maintenance issues you need to address.

Preferred Storm Shelters installs and services storm shelters!

Having installed hundreds of storm shelters in several cities in Oklahoma, we have the experience to install your next storm shelter. Give us a call and ask for available financing options that you can take advantage of today and keep your family safe. You can also request a storm shelter quote on our Contact Us page.