So you have read all material and consulted with your family and now you’re ready to get a storm shelter installed. Kudos to you! You’ve put a lot of thought into it and you’re ready to go forward and execute on your plan. I thought it’ll be a great idea to lay out a plan of things you need to have ready before installing a storm shelter.

Decide the type of storm shelter you want

You’ve probably educated yourself on the pros and cons about the different types of storm shelters. The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of storm shelter that will adequately address your needs. If you’re still in doubt, checkout this article on the different types of storm shelters and the benefits they provide. Remember, while all storm shelters provide about the same protection, they may not all be suited for your home or backyard. Choose the best shelter for your needs.

Determine where it’ll be installed

Since not all shelters are created the same or have the same shape for that matter, it’s important to consider where your storm shelter would be installed. The great news is that you have options. Underground storm shelters can be installed under the garage and thus take no extra space in your home. Concrete storm shelters on the other hand would be best suited for the backyard where it can add to the beauty of the backyard.

Get required permits

Depending on your local Homeowners Association (HOA) you may need to get permission to add a structure next to your main house. If this is the case then you need to apply for and get the required permits to allow you to legally install a storm shelter.

Call 811 (okie) to locate all underground line

For any installations that involve digging underground, you need to call OKIE to locate your underground lines. Eve if you know where they are, it’s better to be safe and confirm. You can visit their website, , for more information.

Call Preferred Shelters, Oklahoma

Lastly, call us to schedule a time to come install the storm shelter in your area. Although this is the last thing listed here, it may be the first thing you need to do. Preferred Shelters has been in business in Oklahoma installing storm shelters and safe houses for years and so we’ll be able to assist you with all the details.

All of our shelter products are certified and have been designed by expert engineers well-versed in the rigors of storm shelter building. That is why our shelters meet or exceed every standard in the United States. Our company is 100-percent dedicated to building the best storm protection possible while maintaining a very competitive cost to you.