The Oklahoma summer of 2017 is very hot. We’re experiencing temperatures of over 95 most days and there are even triple digits on some days. Keeping your home cool can be a big challenge. Old air conditioning systems are just not pumping out enough cold air to keep rooms of your home cool enough. Then there’s always the fear of running a large expense of electricity or gas bill as you try to get your home cool.

In this article we’ll offer some tips on how you can keep your home cool without racking up high electricity/gas bill. The good news is that there’s always something we can do to improve the temperatures inside the home.

Protect windows

The first thing that can be addressed immediately are the windows. This is especially important for windows facing East or West. Cover these windows as much as possible. When leaving for work in the morning, make sure these windows are well covered to keep the cool air inside cool and block the heating effect of the sun.

Replace air filters

One reason your air conditioning system is not performing well is because the air filters are clogged making it harder for air to pass through quickly enough. Clogged air filters make the air conditioning system to work extra hard in order to pump air through, which causes more use of energy supplied by electricity or gas.

Use of appliances

Many appliances in the home generate heat when in use. This includes dishwashers, laundry washers and dryers, irons, and cooking stoves. Try as much as you can to use these appliances during colder parts of the days, such as evenings or nights. Running these appliances during the day makes it harder to cool the home.

Insulate the attic

If you have an accessible attic in your home, make sure it is well insulated. Attics are notorious for leaking the cool air inside your home. Properly insulating the attic will save you money in heating and air conditioning bill. Homes that have R-11 or R-15 attic insulation should consider increasing them to R-30 or R-40. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation level and comfort.

Install Efficient Lighting

Incandescent light bulbs put out a lot of heat and can add to the warmth of a room quite a bit. What you’ll need to do is to go to your local home improvement store and find efficient bulbs to replace what you have. Not only will you be reducing the heat in your home, you’ll be saving your hard earned money as these new high-efficiency light bulbs use little energy.

It’s my hope that these pointers above will make a difference in your home. If you follow the above tips you’ll stay cool and save money on energy costs. Remember to share this article with your friends of social media as sharing is caring!