The Oklahoma storm season is officially here, which means we need review our storm season survival tips to make sure that we’re all ready for it. In Oklahoma the storms develop fast and many times without notice.  Just yesterday we witnessed, via TV, very high winds in Northern Oklahoma that caused damage to some houses. So this is a great time to revisit some life saving storm season tips on how you and your family can stay safe this storm season.

Make a plan for your family

Storm season survival is all about planning. Plan ahead about all the scenarios that may unfold. Involve your whole family and discuss effective ways to respond and prepare for the storm season. This is especially important when you have young children in the house who may not fully understand what is at stake during or before a storm. Some of the topics to discuss and plan for include how and where to take shelter, what supplies to gather, and how to call for help if things get out of hand.

Stock up on supplies

As part of storm season survival, you’ll need to gather supplies beforehand that you’ll need during  a storm. The supplies you need can be grouped into several categories:

  • food supplies: canned foods, snacks and water. Make sure you have a can opener with you as well,
  • source of light: this can be in the form of flashlight, mobile/portable rechargeable lighting or similar gadgets. Avoid lighting sources that can easily cause fire, such as candles and fuel based lamps,
  • first aid kit in case you need to dress a wound or other injuries,
  • a battery-powered radio

Invest in a storm shelter or safe room

The safest place to be during a storm is in a storm shelter. Here at Preferred Storm Shelters OKC we provide underground storm shelters, concrete storm shelters and tornado safe rooms. These storm shelters are a great investment for your family as they provide an extra layer of protection for the whole family. They’re great because your family doesn’t have to travel to a storm shelter.

Take care of pets

Pets are usually for affected by storms more that humans, which causes them to be restless. Help your pets stay calm by providing a distraction from the noise of the storm. You can play their favorite music or offer to play with them and by doing that, keep them occupied. Another great way is to reduce their anxiety is by taking them into inner rooms that do not have walls so they’re not hearing the sounds outside.

Refill medications

The storm season seems to have an effect on our health and well being. With the storm season usually people will experience colds, allergies, joint pain and even elevated blood pressure. It’s a good time to refill your medications and even get them reviewed for dosage change.

Stay in the know

Staying in know about what’s happening or what will happen keeps you alert. Make sure you have a way to get alerts in case a storm is developing in your area. Local news companies have developed apps for your mobile phone to help you stay informed about what’s happening in your area. Download these apps today so you can start getting the information right on your mobile device.

Secure your property

Lastly, secure your property and minimize the impact of severe storms on your property. Since severe storms are usually accompanied by high winds, it’s important to protect your property from these severe winds. Here are some tips:

  • have your roof inspected for possible weakness and then have it repaired,
  • secure any mobile structures in your property so that they won’t be blown away and cause damage to nearby structures,
  • trim branches of trees close to your house

I’m sure this is not a full list of storm season survival tips. It’s your turn to share your survival tip in the comments section below.

Stay safe, my friends!