We all look forward to Summer. The warm weather, the more daylight, and the vacations; it’s the best season for doing stuff. While you’re having fun and enjoying the summer, you may also do some good for your family. I’m talking about installing a storm shelter or safe room. It will be one of the best decisions you make.

Time is on your side in the Summer

One of the main reasons people don’t install storm shelters is because of time commitment to oversee the
installation. Most installations take a few hours to complete and so a lot of people just postpone the installation until it is very necessary. During summer, we tend to have more time, and certainly more daylight, and this makes it a bit easier to find time to install a storm shelter.

Cost savings for you!

That’s right. You stand to get a better deal in summer than spring when everyone else is ordering a storm shelter. This is definitely good news and one that hopefully gets you to think about installing a storm shelter in the summer. Storm shelter companies in Oklahoma receive fewer orders during summer, which can translate to more savings for you.

Dryer weather makes for faster installations

Unlike winter or spring, installing a storm shelter in summer takes less time because there’s no snow and rain to worry about. Since most installations involve digging earth to make room for the underground shelter, it is helpful when the ground is dry.

Get ahead of the storm season

Summer is a great time to get a storm shelter installed because by doing so, you get prepared ahead of the next tornado storm season which usually starts in Spring. If you like being prepared, then this is a great reason to call Preferred Storm Shelters OKC and schedule a storm shelter installation. While tornadoes can develop anytime of the year, they have been fewer in Summer. This gives you enough time to get one installed.

For the love of your loved ones

This is not a reason to install a storm shelter in Summer, but just about anytime you can. Underground storm shelters and safe rooms can save lives, and more importantly the lives that are dear to you. By installing a shelter, you give your loved ones peace of mind. Don’t postpone contacting a storm shelter company in Oklahoma. Do it today!