Oklahoma weather can be pretty rough on the pets we have. While we human understand to some degree what to expect, pets may not. They really don’t know what to expect and a lot of times storms catch them by surprise. As part of your storm season preparations, you need to think through about what you will need for you pet so that the season is not as tough on them.

Behavior during a storm

The first step to planning for Oklahoma severe weather is to understand how to calm your pet during the storm. Pets usually get frightened by the noise of thunderstorms, lightning, and high winds. One reason why pets get agitated during storms is the fact that they can hear low-pitch and high-pitch sounds, which human beings can’t. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your pets for the storm season:

  • provide a safe place where the pet can stay that’s shielded from the noise of the storm. This can be a pet cage, crate, basement, or an inner room where you’re playing music. Don’t confine the pet though, since some pets get more agitated when restricted
  • close the blinds or curtains where the pet is or cover the windows so the pet can’t see outside
  • stay with the pet and offer distraction in the form of treat and/or toys for play

Pack the required supplies

Pack all supplies that your pet would require. This includes food, water, and even play-time items that can help them stay fed and distracted from all that is happening outside. Make sure to have everything for their toilet needs as well for the comfort of both you and them.

A first aid kit for the pets is also great to have handy. You may need it in case of an injury or other accidents and the emergency crew might not reach you on time. Have all the pet’s medicine stored in an easily accessible area so that you’re ready to administer at a moment’s notice.

Due to the nature of Oklahoma weather, it’s a good idea to have a leash suited for your pet’s type and size. Oklahoma weather is mostly accompanied by very high winds and can easily blow away small to medium size pets.

Update your pet’s ID information

As the storm season comes close, it’s a good time to check on the contact information attached to your pet’s collar or tag. If you have moved or changed phone numbers in the past then it’s a good time to update this information. This contact information will save you a lot of headache should there be a situation where the you’re separated from your pet during a severe storm. If your pet does not have an ID tag then this is the best time to consider getting one.