During the storm season it’s easy to work on everything else and forget our kids when it comes to preparations. You know exactly what to do when, say, a tornado is approaching but do your young ones know? Do they know how to seek shelter or even what dangers the various storms can cause? How about their health? Have you noticed any changes in their well being during the storm season? In this article we’ll explore ways we can help our young ones stay aware and away from trouble during the storms.

What do kids need to know?

Knowing what to tell your kids is the first step in addressing this issue. At a minimum, help your kids understand the various types of storms that we’re likely to experience. Using analogies, discuss tornados, thunderstorms, high winds, floods, and hailstorms. If you feel unsure, lookup some great resources online and familiarize yourself first in a way that you can explain it. There are lots of information online that cover storms at a much simpler level for the kids. Here are some examples:

Understanding weather and storms for kids will help put their minds at ease. Spend some time on the above websites to help you be able to explain the different storms to kids at their level.

How will they respond to the different storms?

Having knowledge of the different storms is good, but is only half of the whole picture. The other half is knowing how to respond to these different storms. First, discuss the family’s storm readiness plan and go over the steps outlined to make sure that they understand all that is involved. The funny thing about plans is that we adults tend to just gloss over details because, well, we know what it all means.

Let your kids know where the emergency supplies are. The emergency supplies should include food and water, first aid kits, weather radio, battery power light sources or flashlights and other items you may need. If your kids are taking medications or need inhalers be sure to pack them as well. These would be much needed during severe storms.

Plan for fun activities during the storms. Put together a “fun box” with cards, or other toys so that they can be occupied during the storms.

Check in with school/Day Care

The Oklahoma tornado of 2014 happened to hit a school in Moore very severely. A number of students lost their lives. It was terrible. Following the tragedy, there has been debate about the preparedness of schools in Oklahoma. If you haven’t already, call up the school and find out what plans they have in place for emergency response and then relay it to you children so they understand what to so when severe storms strike during school time.

Severe storms and your kids’ health

Each year, more and more kids are diagnosed with pollen-related allergy ailments. Many kids are affected in one way or the other and for some their condition is getting worse. According to WebMD, there are a number of ways to soothe your child’s allergies and you can read more about it here: http://www.webmd.com/allergies/ss/slideshow-soothe-child-allergies . It is recommended that you have your kids tested for a number of allergy causing particles. This will make sure you have the most current condition detected and with medicine at hand, you can help your kids cope with the storm season.

I hope this article has helped you think about how to help kids cope with the storm season. If you have any tips you’d like to contribute please share them in the comments section below.