The Storm Season Has Begun

The storm season has begun in Oklahoma City and people are becoming more weather cautious. This is a popular time of the year for storm shelter installations and there are a lot of people shopping around. Here is a list of current Oklahoma rebate programs that are being offered throughout the state. For people that are unaware, many rebate programs have been refunded since the Moore tornado in 2013. These rebates, many which are set up like a lottery, will help pay for your storm shelter installation. The majority will pay anywhere from $2,000 – $2,500 towards your purchase. This makes protecting your family extremely affordable.

Chickasaw Nation Storm Shelter Rebate Program:

This program provides storm shelters for privately owned homes of Chickasaw citizens.Required application is available at the Housing Administration office. An applicant can expect to find out within 10 business days if he/she qualifies to be placed on the waiting list. For citizens at large, grants will be provided for up to $2,500 for installation of storm shelters. You must be a Chickasaw resident and the storm shelter must be installed at your primary residence.

If you qualify for these guidelines, here is a link to their page for more information.

Sooner Safe Rebate Program

You can also register for the SoonerSafe Rebate Program online at  Anybody in the state of Oklahoma can apply. Registering ensures you will be considered for the program, but does not guarantee that you will receive a rebate. The program will use a random selection process to select names so that everyone who registers will have an equal chance to be selected. For that reason, the order of registration does not improve the odds of being selected. A maximum rebate of $2,000 is available per home, not to exceed 75 percent of the actual cost of the safe room. Only one person may register per physical home address.

Be sure to check if your city is offering a rebate or if you are aware of any other programs for storm shelter installations we will help spread the word.