Oklahoma storm shelter can come in different sizes and shapes. When considering a storm shelter, the type of storm shelter that you decide to have installed is important as you’ll be spending critical moments in it. So, it’s recommended for you to take time and familiarize yourself with the different types of storm shelters that you can have. Each type of storm shelter has their benefits and the suitable location for them.

Location. Location. Location

When you bought your house, you had a good idea where you wanted to have your house. Being a big purchase, you took your time so that you get everything right. Storm shelters are not nearly as expensive as a house, but you do need to consider the their location in your house. Location in this case also means how much space you have. For example, a steel safe room is above ground and so it’ll take up some space in your home. If you don’t have any space to spare then an underground garage storm shelter may be better for you. If you feel your garage is too small and cramped, ¬†then a concrete storm shelter may be better for you.

How many people will take shelter in there Oklahoma Storm Shelter?

The number of people taking shelter inside your storm shelter should guide you to selecting the right shelter for you. If you’re installing an Oklahoma storm shelter for your family then that is easy: just count how many are in your family and ask for that size. Preferred Storm Shelters OKC provides sizeable storm shelters and you can order even larger shelters in case you need more. Keep in mind that while storm shelters are mostly for sheltering people, you should get enough size to house precious items and even documents which cannot be replaced. You should also account for taller people in your family so that they are as comfortable as the rest of the family. If you have a disabled family member and they use a wheelchair or motorized scooter then remember to account for that as well.

Do you have pets?

Pets are usually more restless than us during Oklahoma storms. They get restless and sometimes very agitated by the loud noise caused by the storms. Knowing this, we can choose a storm shelter wisely. A great option for a storm shelter with less noise would be an underground garage storm shelter or a concrete shelter. The steel storm shelter would be the least noisy unless it’s positioned at a good place. Remember to have food and toys for your pet to distract them from all the noise outside. Here’s a great article on helping pets during a severe storm.

Backyard space

Backyards offer a great place for concrete storm shelters, which are installed underground but have their doors at ground level. What makes these concrete storm shelters great for backyards is that they easily blend in with the surrounding and offer a nice addition to your backyard.


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