Oklahoma storm season tends to take a break in summer. When summer comes, we all forget about those dreadful months when we had to battle snow and ice, high winds, and tornado warnings. We have lived to see another summer! When you think about it, however, summer is the best time for us to prepare for the next severe storm. Summer is full of energy and it always feels like we have more time to our days than any other time of the year.

More sun, more energy

We all love summer because our days are longer because the sun is up for longer than any other times of the year. The extra time we have, and the warmer weather allows us to engage in activities outdoors. This makes for a perfect time to engage in activities around the house that can help prepare us for the next severe storm.

Trim tree branches in your backyard

One of the most important tasks you should do is to trim branches of trees near your home. Weak branches are very dangerous during severe storms. They can be picked up by severe winds and used as weapons to destroy your house. Sometimes these branches can easily break under the weight of snow or ice and fall on your roof. Any of these scenarios can cause thousands of dollars in damages and injuries.

Consider installing a storm shelter

Storm shelters are a great investment against Oklahoma severe storms. When it comes to protecting those you love from tornados and other severe storms, this is your best bet. You have about 3 choices of storm shelters from Preferred Storm Shelters OKC. You can have underground concrete shelter, underground garage shelter, or a steel safe room. All these storm shelters have been tested to withstand strong winds and f5 tornados and would provide a safe shelter against these storms.

Inspect your roof

During severe storms, roofs are usually the most affected. Ensuring you have a healthy roof that can withstand these storms is key to surviving them. If you have a weak roof, it’ll make it easier for severe storms to affect the rest of the house.

Contact a licensed professional roofer to inspect your roof and give you an idea of how things are. Don’t try to do it yourself. It may seem easier to get up on the roof but it’s extremely dangerous. If your roof needs repair or replacement¬†then contact your insurance for recommendation of a good roofer. OK Roofing is a great recommendation for an Oklahoma roofing company.

As you enjoy your summer, consider doing the above tasks to plan ahead for the next Oklahoma severe storm season.