Storm Shelter Roadblocks

All homeowners must have heard, seen, or experienced the damages, losses, and heartaches that come with storms.
These storms are the likes of Tornados and Hurricanes. They cause extensive damages and deaths whenever they hit. Regardless of this knowledge, many people still have not installed storm shelters. They have always found one reason or the other not to have the storm shelters installed. We have listed below five reasons why people do not install storm shelters, and how to overcome those reasons to give your family safety and comfort.


Most people have not installed storm shelters in their homes or businesses due to lack of funds. However, sourcing funds from various institutions can overcome this reason. At Preferred Storm Shelters OKC provide links to financing applications on our websites for a couple of financial institutions offering competitive rates on storm shelter loans. You may also call us, and we shall provide you with their contacts information or other facilities as well. We also accept credit cards from reputable companies such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.    

Lack of knowledge

The majority of the people do not know where to start when it comes to choosing and installation of storm shelters in their homes or businesses. If you do not know the last thing about storm shelters, then you need to learn. Visit our website we have plenty of information on the types, models how to and procedures for installation. You can also call us, and we shall take you through all the things that you need to know for your storm shelters.

FEMA approved storm installation companies

You might not have installed your storm shelter yet probably because you do not know whom to go to and who is or is not FEMA approved. All of our shelters and safe rooms always meet and even exceed FEMA standards. We have the published set of standards in FEMA Publication P-320 and P-361 that have been derived from the international code council’s ICC 500 concerning minimum standards for storm shelters and safe rooms. We also have Engineer stamped plans, for multiple states across the USA, to show that all of our storm shelter units meet or even exceed the FEMA standards. Our storm shelters have also been impact tested and certified. If this reason is what was holding you back, well now you know.

Documentation required for installation of Storm Shelters

The requirements regarding documentation and the permits needed from the authorities to install storm shelters in your home and businesses. You need just a few documents, which we have listed below for ease of reference;

a)    Completed building permit application.

b)    Letter regarding flotation for in ground and slope-top shelter.

c)    Floor Plan for in- garage or in-house shelters.

d)   Site plan for outdoor shelters. You can use your mortgage survey or aerial photograph of the property.

These documents are easy to get and if you are stuck do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not shy away from getting a storm shelter for your family. We can help you go through all the processes and financing needed to get you a storm shelter.