Above ground safe rooms are gaining ground as the ultimate multi-purpose shelter, and for good reason.  Made of thick steel or concrete, safe rooms can be built within existing rooms or pre-built with vaulted doors that are reinforced with several steel bolts. Most saferooms are constructed in the garage against an interior wall for better protection. They are above ground which makes them easy to enter and exit and are excellent for people who may have difficulty getting into a below-ground shelter.

Safe rooms can come equipped with several ‘bells and whistles’, depending on your wants and needs. A video monitoring system will allow you to watch intruders or monitor the storm while it passes, all while you are protected in your safe room. Keypad door locks and ventilation systems can also be installed on your safe room, making it the complete safety package.

While serving their main purpose as tornado shelters, safe rooms can also provide protection from people too, for example during home invasions and burglaries. They can also function as a safe and protect such valuables as jewelry or weapons. And while no shelter (in ground or above-ground) is 100% foolproof against tornadoes or other disasters, safe rooms are at the top of the heap in regards to functionality and pure strength.