OKC Area Got Hit Again Damaging Structures

Severe weather tore through the Oklahoma City area again, including Moore. Trees had to be cleared so law enforcement and emergency vehicles could get through and a temporary hospital was treating patients with minor injuries. The original Moore Medical Center was destroyed in the 2013 storm.

The storm destroyed homes, flipped semis on their sides, and tore the roof off of an elementary school.

Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency for 25 Oklahoma counties that were hit hardest by the storm, including the state’s two largest — Oklahoma and Tulsa counties.

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman Keli Cain said at least nine people were hospitalized with injuries but that the total number of injuries wasn’t yet known.

About 400 people were evacuated from the terminals at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City and took shelter in a pedestrian tunnel for about 45 minutes after the storm passed through the area.

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