If you’ve ever experienced an Oklahoma storm, then you know that it can take hours before things get back to normal. Oklahoma storms just don’t pass over. They stay for a period of time. During these storms, it can feel like forever and so make sure you have these items to keep your sanity.

Enough Lighting

At the bare minimum, you need to have more than one source of light. Flashlights, mobile lamps, and other lighting sources are a good option. Make sure their batteries are charged or replaced. There’s nothing worse as having lighting that won’t work. Having adequate lighting helps reduce tension because you can see around you and know what’s going on.

Ready-to-Eat Food

Food is essential to our wellbeing, especially during the storm. It’s hard to think on an empty stomach, so stock up on some good snacks. Try having a balance of good proteins that will help you stay longer for a little food. If you’re diabetic, or a member of your family is then take extra caution to have the types of foods that would not cause any bad effects. Getting an ambulance at this time of crisis can take longer than at regular times. Protein bars, dried nuts and fruits, and beverages are good food items to have. If you stock canned food, remember to pack a can opener as well. Lastly make sure you have at least 2 gallons of water for drinking and sanitation.

Entertainment Items

During a storm it’s recommended to have some games or other forms of entertainment to keep your mind occupied and not fixated on the storm at hand. This is especially important when you have younger kids with you who do not fully understand what is happening around them. Knowing that electricity may not be available, choose games that don’t require any electricity to run. Some examples include board games, cards, playing instruments such as guitars and drums, ping pong, just to name a few.

Pet Care Kit

Pets tend to get agitated by the storms much more than we do. They may get restless with everyth lightning or thunderstorm or noise from strong winds. You should plan ahead to make sure your pet has an easier time and is more comfortable. A few things items you need to have for your pet include:

  • pet food,
  • pet playing items such as ball,
  • pet blanket or protective clothing,
  • water,
  • first aid kit for your pet

Warm Clothing & Blankets

With many neighborhoods losing  power during Oklahoma storms, it’s important to have extra clothing and blankets close by to keep you and your family warm. We have all experienced in the past not having power for hours. Usually, it’ll be pretty cold and without proper warmth one can be in danger of freezing. Have enough warm clothing for you and your family, including your pets. Blankets can also offer an insulation material to shield you from debris that might make it in through the house.

First Aid Kit

This is the most ignored emergency kit item but yet it’s one of the most important. The reason a first aid kit is important is because, during a storm you and your family are is a bubble for a little while and closed off from outside world, making getting supplies an almost impossible endeavor. During a storm a family member can be injured and need emergency care, so it’s better to be safe and prepared than not.