A tornado is the most scaring weather pattern in the US. In the event of a tornado, how prepared you are
determines if you will survive or not. It is good to be aware and ready for what to do if a tornado hits wherever you are. One fact remains, everybody is at risk if they don’t do what is required of them to survive the tornado. A tornado is the most violent storm, and it can cause a lot of damage depending on how strong it is and where it hits. If you want to get ready for a tornado, it is good that you benchmark your preparedness in mind that the strongest and most violent tornado can hit.  Tornado Planning should be mandatory for every family.

If you want to get ready for a tornado, it is good you know the history of where you are and how often a storm or a tornado hits the place. This will help you get the necessary equipment ready for the tornado. If your area has a history of a series of tornados, it is good to get a NOAA Weather Radio with you all the time. Ensure you are getting correct weather information wherever you are.

It is good to know where to go in case a tornado strikes. If you hear there is a tornado, this means there is an imminent danger to both property and life. If you at home, go to your safe room and if you are outdoors, make sure you get to a sturdy shelter as soon as possible. If a tornado warning strikes when you are driving, buckle up and drive to the nearby shelter. Be always ready to go somewhere in case a storm strikes. At home or work, it is recommended that you run tornado drills to give people the timidness they need in case a tornado strikes.

Make sure your safe room is well secured, and you can safely reside there for a few days if the storm lasts for that long. There should be a place where you can run to get safe shelter just in case a tornado strikes wherever you are. Your safe room should be reinforced, and it should not have any windows. Also, make sure there are no hanging items that can become a projectile in the event of a storm endangering your life. The safe room should be in a basement or underground or an interior room inside your house that is reinforced and has no windows.

Maybe you live in a place surrounded by trees and some high natural fences. All these are great but in the event of a tornado, they can turn to be risky for your family. Get rid of diseased and damaged tree limbs from the high trees near your house. These will be the first to hit the house in case of a tornado.

Always watch out for tornado danger signs. Know your neighborhood tornado signs and get ready for anything. If you notice dark and green clouds gathering or a roaring noise, these are signs of a tornado. Get ready to go to the safe room. Safety should always come first and especially in the event of a tornado. Remember how prepared you are will determine if you are going to survive the tornado.