You’ve seen the news and even experienced the weather changes that build up to severe storms. You know that you need to be prepared for Oklahoma severe storms but you’re just not sure all that you need to do or look for.

This article is for you! In this article we detail 5 warning signs that your house is not ready for Oklahoma severe storms.

Weak roofs

Whenever there’s a storm, the first part of the house to be hit is the roof. Most severe storms bring very high winds with them and as the high winds blow across the state, rooftops are impacted the most. If you have a weak roof due to sagginess, leaks or just worn out roof shingles then the high winds can cause even more damage on the roof.

The best thing to do about the roof is to have it inspected for possible wear and tear and have it repaired accordingly. Be careful to choose a professional to do the inspection as it’ll save you money and time and give you peace of mind. You may also want to check with your home insurance agent about the specifics of coverage so you can use it to get a new roof if needed.

Overgrown trees too close to the house

Overgrown trees and bushes around your house pose a lot of danger during severe storms. They can fall on your house or your car or be blown away and hit your house. These are scenarios that can be avoided and save your house from destruction.

The first thing you need to do is assess your surrounding and see which trees needed to be trimmed or just cut down. Once you do, call professionals to deal with the trimming or cutting down of the tree. Do not attempt to do it yourself. It’s one of those things that looks easy to do but can lead to serious injuries even for professionals. Once the trimming or cutting down has been done, have the crew clean up any branches so there’s nothing just lying around in your backyard.

Lack of storm shelters on the property

Oklahoma storm shelters offer extra protection during severe storms or tornados and are a lifesaver. Installing a storm shelter ensures that your family doesn’t need to go out looking for a storm shelter during severe storms. It’ll be right there whenever you need it.

The solution here is to call an Oklahoma storm shelters company and have them install a storm shelter that is right for you and your family. To get the most out of a storm shelter, you need to ask about the size of the storm shelter, the location and space required and customer references. Preferred Storm Shelters OKC has installed hundreds of storm shelters in Oklahoma City and other areas and can help you get a good deal on your next storm shelter.

Loose garage doors

Lose garage doors cause more damage during storms than any other part of the house. Lose garage doors are easily blown by high winds exposing the inside of the house. There have been instances where the garage door smashed inside and caused damage on the cars parked inside.

If wind enters a garage, it can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage. Reinforcing your garage door helps you protect not only your garage, but its contents as well. Inspect your garage doors for loose hinges and other fasteners such as the operating belts. Fasten hinges using the appropriate tools for the job.

Backyard stuff lying around

Items lying around on your backyard do pose a risk during severe storms. The wind can topple trees onto your house and can pick up smaller objects and drive them through windows and glass doors.

Smaller objects, such as trash cans, barbecue grills, and outdoor furniture should also be anchored or, if you have adequate warning, moved indoors. You should also clear away any debris, such as fallen tree branches.
Oklahoma severe storms can get very scary. Take sometime today to think through what you need to prepare for it. It could just save your life.